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Hi guys, for you who are confused of where to start on reading my blog, this page will guide you on where to starts and what informations contains in each posts.And

For you who really interested on the business sides of XBRL and the general information about it you can read these posts

  1. XBRL is not always expensive
  2. XBRL in Indonesia (introduction)
  3. XBRL in Indonesia (Dec 2015 Updates)
  4. 2016 XBRL Forecast in Indonesia
  5. OJK’s Project on XBRL Integrated Financial Reporting


And for you guys who are interested on XBRL itself, you can read this posts

  1. XBRL Taxonomy Architectures
  2. Extensible Enumeration Specification
  3. XBRL Schema vs Database Schema
  4. LBUS Taxonomy: BSMS60 Formula Enhancement


We also has some posts about XBRL Tools and It’s review

  1. Excel Add-Ins for Instance Generator
  2. Open Source XBRL Validators: Can we use it?
  3. How to Read RaptorXMLXBRL Logs
  4. Comparing RaptorXMLXBRL 2013 (R2) and RaptorXMLXBRL 2014 (R2 SP5)


That is all our posts here, if you have any suggestion for the future posts, please just request from this blog or just sent me the email, we would appreciate your ideas. So, i hope this page will be helpful for you and thank you for reading my blogs.



-SH. Utami

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