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Name : Sri Handika Utami (SHUtami)
Origin : West Sumatera, Indonesia

Born in Padang Panjang, a beautiful small town between Marapi Mount and Singgalang Mount. In 2008, i went to Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), studied Informatics Engineering. When i graduated from my college, i graduated with expertise in database direct access method engineering. But, somehow since i started working for Bank Indonesia (Central Bank of Indonesia) i have been involved more in Integrated Reporting with XBRL.

I was working in LSMK project for Bank Indonesia (Central bank of Indonesia), as senior XBRL consultant since 2012 until mid 2014. In that project we had been implemented XBRL taxonomy for Syaria Bank Monthly Report as Pilot Project. We had also created XBRL Taxonomy for the whole Banking Report to Bank Indonesia as Regulator, and the project still running :).

After the project in Bank Indonesia, i accepted the offering from Asian Development Bank (ADB) to help them to consult OJK (Financial Institutions Authority of Indonesia) on their Integrated Financial Reporting Project for All Financial Institutions in Indonesia. The project will be using XBRL as well in the system. It will be more tough and complex than the previous project, because the reporting entity not only from Bank, but also from non-banking sector and Capital market.

Thanks to Gustaf Prameswara who helps me as contributor in this blog. He is the best guy in my team who i can depend on solving infrastructure problems of XBRL. I hope his posts could help you to solve your problems too.

Thanks to Sergio Utama who also helps me as the contributor. He is staying in malaysia right now and hoping that we would be able to see the XBRL world from his point of view.

Enjoy reading my blog. Please write your comments if there is anything wrong or you have something to ask. Hope you’ll find this blog could help you.



2 comments on “About

  1. Prashant
    January 10, 2014

    Hi Shutami, I’ve noticed your inputs on XBRL reporting few times in past and appreciate the manner in which you have out them across for anyone to get on with the basic concepts really well.
    I am part of a software co in the similar space and beyond this address the information management challenges of the banks worldwide. I’ve personally spent more than 2 years in Indonesia and keep following the regulatory changes in the banking sector.
    Lets connect sometime. I can be reached at

    • shutami
      February 12, 2014

      Hi Mr. Prashant, It’s very nice to know you. Yeah, let’s get in touch and have a discussion about XBRL and its supporting. You can reach me at Really excited to know about XBRL and its implementation from your point of view 🙂

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