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XBRL in Indonesia (Dec 2015 Update)

Good evening good people. Long time no post. Let me give you some update from Indonesia. There are some regulator has implemented XBRL in their reporting system. And also other wants to follow.

Let’s start from Bank Indonesia, called with LBUS – LSMK. Sharia Bank Monthly Report. BI has successfully implementation it in their reporting system. Can’t wait for another scope of reporting in XBRL.

SKK Migas, we don’t have much update from this project. Information about this project seems like not for public consumption.

Especially for Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX), They have been implementing XBRL for E024 form in the middle of this year. They also been host of XBRL Asian Round Table (XART) in August 2015. There so many entities take a part in this event.

For OJK, now they are in socialization and education of new reporting schema. Their taxonomy also in public review version. OJK plan to implement XBRL in their reporting system step by step. First step of this implementation is for multi finance industry. This steps is involving more than 200 company around Indonesia which needs to report their monthly report in XBRL format.

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